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See " " Chinese with hip hop, looking ahead, everyone is wearing a pair of black oversize, thought he and coach, baseball cap, and finally to a big chain to the other light. Mixed rap circle, not the style how do you make a living away from home? All swag used to brag about, maybe this time, look better than good rap is more important. So, what is really rapper dress code? hip hop culture originated from the 19790s New York African American and Latino youth, is a marginal culture, including rap, DJ, breakdance and graffiti four elements. Gradually, it is the development of a new art form, and swept the world. "This program has China hip hop" mixed, some people say that they do not really understand hip-hop. But I think, as a variety of prog cheap jordans online rams, rather than professional rap show, so in the promotion of hip-hop culture on the role it played is positive. At least, now social media to discuss the heat rising hip-hop. program, Hotdog after wearing business attire sun Bayi oratorio, even given a performance evaluation and no relationship: "but why do you wear so hip-hop?" Rapper is also uniform? Although hip hop is a kind of attitude, do not ask the origin and background, no one said to be hanging large chains, wearing big pants, but the Hotdog question is not difficult to understand, as you wore a T-shirt and jeans to the party, it is not respect for people. Rapper is dressed professional attitude. therefore, we don't talk about it today's rap professional degree, but to talk cheap jordans for sale about rapper and outfit. as the level of hip hop characters and Ganso hall rapper, Snoop Dogg, said the West Coast gangsta rap "carry handle. The first is that for having heard it many times "The Next Episode". He is active in 90, overnight rapper walked on gone for ever the nouveau riche route. The style of dress has been forming, which is now considered a typical hip-hop style: dirty braid, black sunglasses, rough, dark gold chain gold watch line oversize T-shirt, pants and baseball caps off. from the east coast hip hop rapper Wu Tang Clan (Wudang), also love the loose and baggy clothes. Compared with the rich Snoop Dogg, representative of the young generation they prefer logo, T jeans and jackets tooling. Seems to be more youth in the cheap foamposites choice of color and collocation. in that time, the first open engraved shoes. Among them, the most popular is the Air Force 1. They have been CO and Nike. It is said that, if at the time of the Air Force 1 put enough moisture, not cool, it's going to be thrown off. 〉 Beijing time on August 9th, according to TMZ website reported, only a pair of Kobe custom Air Jordan 3 is out of the auction price of $30 thousand and 400. this pair of shoes is able to take such a high price, the reason for this is that this pair of shoes is dedicated to the black mamba custom. The also dates back to 2002. it is understood that in that season Kobe also wore the shoes played two games. The Lakers play against the Rockets, was high after a breakthr cheap jordan shoes for men ough by the Rockets show champion Yao Ming. It is time for Yao Ming's rookie season. unfortunately, although this is only a pair of Kobe custom AJ3, but Kobe ultimately did not sign for AJ. however, the particularity of this pair of shoes is obviously, it is currently only a few belong to the high ratio of Air Jordan 3. it is not clear who is the buyer for $30 thousand and 400 (RMB 200 thousand) take this pair of Air Jordan 3, but it is certain that it must be a loyal fan of Kobe.KD V small to see real shoes feel good quality, so expect more to Taiwan tomorrow on the line KD V iD here, specially remind you collate shoe if interested can look first to try tomorrow. What is Nike iD: source: Sneaker Politicsadidas Originals NMD_R1 snow w Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping oven series, in March 4th there are two colors sold in Taiwan, priced at 5290 yuan. Adidas originals store Taipei has facebook fan page released related news, the store sale style, color and size are not the same, intends to start prospecting shoe please be sure to pay attention to the details, and the pricing of products can refer to the following links in the actual information, selling way mechanism and transaction in each store location please announcement. adidas originals store Taipei source: adidas, originals, store, Taipei : through the "star + ad" brand started, and then with the help of brand advantages, rapid expansion of the market. This is the most characteristic development mode of Jinjiang enterprises. It should be said tha Retro jordans for sale t the Jinjiang is walking in the forefront of the domestic similar enterprises in brand and marketing, but in the enterprise culture and human resources strength is insufficient, a serious shortage". Professional managers frequently job hopping, shortage of workers, corporate cohesion decline...... Are the most convincing proof. this year, XTEP, de Erhui, Qipai, Ba Jin and other enterprises have started in the management of human resources, the construction of enterprise culture of "catch-up" hope through practicing "internal strength" to maintain sustained and rapid development of enterprises. The Shanxi enterprises practicing "internal strength", we can find that most of them adopted the idea of "brain" form, including colleges and u cheap jordans for sale mens niversities jointly, or an alliance with a professional consultant company. Jin enterprises have begun to practice "internal strength" more than half an hour off the office; XTEP's HR office discussion is still hot. At the beginning of April, XTEP invited well-known consulting firm for the diagnosis of enterprise human resource management and enterprise culture. After more than a month of investigation, an analysis of XTEP's human resources management and corporate culture has come out, and is now busy with the consulting company to study the next step. from the consultancy's survey report, XTEP has two major problems in enterprise internal management. One is that the organizational structure of enterprises is not smooth Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping in horizontal communication, the sense of teamwork between departments and departments is not strong; secondly, the corporate culture of XTEP's happy work has not really formed. it is understood that the next XTEP will optimize the organizational structure in the consultant's assistance, and consulting companies will also help XTEP refine and standardize enterprise culture, and the culture into daily work of employees, making XTEP employees unique habits. in fact, like XTEP, began to pay attention to the "internal strength" of the enterprise is far more than one. Early in March this year, de Erhui in the "2007 National Marketing Conference" on the official propaganda in cooperation with the Beijing Xian Feng financial consultant Cheap air jordans for sale . It is understood that the Xianfeng consultants will assist the formation of de Erhui into an outstanding team, and cultivate the corporate culture of de erhui. and de Erhui is different, and have taken Qipai Rimula and university cooperation way in improving the internal management of enterprises. The day before, and the Xi'an Polytechnic University Fuzhou Rimula Fashion Institute has reached a cooperation agreement, Fuzhou Institute of clothing for training Rimula middle management training is the main content of management, execution)New Balance's recently released a new version of the 580 is in the limelight, learn new pinball game design inspiration, to create superior texture of blue suede uppers, complemented by black dotted de Retro jordans for sale tails inside the red decoration, the final selection of white bottom closure. pin-2.jpg (71.3 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MT580 Pinball 2015-8-2 18:21 upload pin-3.jpg (57.5 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MT580 Pinball 2015-8-2 18:21 upload pin-4.jpg (54.1 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance MT580 Pinball 2015-8-2 18:21 upload designer, deep blue, Logo, friends, personality 00May, the NBA playoffs gradually into the white hot, shoes market is about to usher in the season, many brand new release, joint models, colors, styles of lightweight series from the beginning of this month, too busy to attend to all, we will launch a new program to replace the previous month more new Air Jordan shoes for sale in the sale of shoes "calendar. How many" column, we will see the next month the most comprehensive shoes sale information, remember that this is a worthy collection of articles, so let's see what's new in May! has the most eye-catching maxed page is the set of a total of three color Supreme x Nike Air Max More Uptempo Suptempo, Nike and Supreme joint has always been publicity before the sale to Neymar, raise a Babel of criticism of Derek Jones II, and other star players have on foot deduction. Inpipon known commonly known as the "AIR" Air Max More Uptempo is now in a new way in front of everyone, how do you complete subversion to this classic acceptance? In addition to , Nike and Basketball at a reasonable contrary to expectation Switch "the" Flip. According to the usual practice of the playoffs, will launch the corresponding signature shoes Elite shoes this year, instead of the conventional color version of the playoffs, only Elite shoes or on the launch of KD 9 Elite before the playoffs. This was friends dubbed the "new color shoes off the hook" series of unique design, bold, bright color is attractive, as this summer is a good choice you basketball partner. More May Sale shoes please browse below! In this paper, a portion of the shoe, the Greater China region no sale, the right to interpret all of the brand. Supreme x Nike Air Max More Uptempo " Suptempo" release date: 05/01/17 color: Black/Black-Black number: 902290-001 price: $1299 Supreme x Nike Air Max More Uptempo " Suptempo" release date: 05/01/17 color: Metallic Gold/White number: 902290-700 price: $1299 Supreme x Nike Air Max More Uptempo " Suptempo" According to the "TMZ" reports, only a pair of Kobe Bryant custom AJ3 auction, sold for $30400. This is 02-03 Air Jordan for the season Kobe's shoes, made in November 27, 2002. This pair of shoes with white color, purple gold decorated. Kobe has been through and the Houston rockets and Sanantonio spurs. Kobe and former 02-03's endorsement terminated after the season, according to the provisions of the contract he must wear sports shoes of different brands of play, Kobe almost tried all brands on the market of basketball shoes, and this one in particular Jordan series of the most.

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